Bkash Sandbox API Test Plugin for WooCommerce


  • This WordPress Plugin for bkash pgw integration
  • Generate “Sandbox Validation”
  • It generate automatically “Create Payment Sandbox” & “Execute Payment Sandbox”
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Bkash Sandbox API Test Plugin for WooCommerce

Bkash Sandbox API Test

The Bkash Sandbox API Test Plugin is a powerful tool designed to facilitate the testing and integration of the Bkash payment system within applications and websites. After this test, you can integrate Bkash Sandbox API Test Plugin, Bkash API, Bkash Sandbox API, Bkash Payment Gateway, Bkash Payment system for website, Bkash Payment system for WordPress, Bkash Payment system for Laravel, Bkash Payment system for Woocommerce.

The Sandbox API Test Plugin provides a simulated environment where developers can test their integration with the Bkash API without accessing the live production system. This sandbox environment ensures that developers can experiment, troubleshoot, and fine-tune their implementation before deploying it to the live setting, reducing the risk of errors and disruptions.

With the Bkash Sandbox API Test Plugin, developers can simulate various scenarios, such as successful transactions, failed transactions, payment callbacks, and refund requests. This allows them to thoroughly test their code and ensure it handles different scenarios correctly, providing a robust and reliable integration with the Bkash payment system.


How to use this plugin

  1. De-active all payment gateway plugin from dashboard.
  2. Install and active PGW url checkout plugin in your WordPress website.
  3.  Goto plugin setting & Input Sandbox Credentials
    1. Username : sandboxTokenizedUser02
    2. Password : sandboxTokenizedUser02@12345
    3. App Key : 4f6o0cjiki2rfm34kfdadl1eqq
    4. App Secret Key : 2is7hdktrekvrbljjh44ll3d9l1dtjo4pasmjvs5vl5qr3fug4b
  4. Save it.
  5. Create a payment by the bkash. Here it the Sandbox Customer Wallet
    1. Wallet : 01619777283
    2. Wallet Pin : 12121
    3. OTP : 123456
  6. Complete a payment by this information.
  7.  Goto to https://pgw-integration.bkash.com/
  8. Create an account. only for  (bkash merchant / Personal Retail account) holder
  9. Update all information and upload your logo.
  10. Request for api.
  11. create Payment Sandbox & Execute Payment Sandbox copy from plugin . paste into-
  12. Goto to sandbox validation: https://pgw-integration.bkash.com/#/merchant/sandbox-validation
  13. Submit. Wait 10 to 20 min … Go to https://pgw-integration.bkash.com/#/merchant/live-credentials
  14. Copy: User name, password, App key, App secret key. 
  15. Uninstall the plugin.
  16. Install bkash payment gateway plugin. and paste  User name, password, App key, App secret key. 

If you face any difficulties contact with me.


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